Do I Need To Be Athletic To Skateboard?

tony hawkLots of people have asked up if they need to be athletic to skateboard. Fortunately, the answer to that question is no!

People of all different body types find enjoyment in boarding. You can easily learn this sport with a little dedication and time.

Keep in mind that if you want to become a professional or really get into the competition scene, you’re going to need some level of athleticism.

Guys at the highest levels of the sport like Tony Hawk are considered true athletes in the general sense of the word. If you want to be like him you’re going to need to do some training.

Best Training Options

Some of the best tips we can give you to improve your athleticism are below. These are the kinds of things that we and our students have focused on to  get better at this sport.

You will need dedication and time to really get good at boarding. If you aren’t willing to put in the work you’re going to get nowhere!

Plyometric and Jump Training

As you might expect, you use your legs a lot when you are boarding. With that in mind, you will need to focus on plyometrics which are usually used for jump training.

It’s best that you do this type of workout at most 3 days per week (source: If you do more than that you run the risk of injuring yourself or fatiguing your muscles to the point that they don’t actually improve.

This is something we see a lot of people mess up on.


Stretching is really important in our sport. Look at the way Tony Hawk contorts his body as he twists around.

Without proper stretching there is no way you are going to have the flexibility to whip your body around like that. The moves he pulls off put so much strain on your joints that if you aren’t flexible it’s going to hurt!

It also improves circulation which helps your body stay on point through difficult maneuvers (source:

This is a good place to start for now. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask us. We are always here to help!

Thanks for reading.


What is Skateboarding?


Here is an easy question which could prove hard and tough to truly reply: what’s skateboarding? We all know what the action of skateboarding looks like, and what a skateboard is. For those people who are not aware, a skateboard is a level piece of wood with wheels affixed to its underside and skateboarding is the action of going by transferring your body on the topside of the skateboard deck. Now, that, obviously, is an extremely basic definition of the whole skateboarding package – but you will at least get the drift of it.

Skateboarding can, actually, be many different things. Everything depends on what you plan to really apply your skateboard and how or longboard for. For a lot of skateboard deck professionals and enthusiasts, the use of a skateboard as well as the action can have a variety of variants to it. Let us have a look at a number of of many various ways individuals make use of a skateboard:

1. As a skateboard is intended to enable individuals the liberty to move about rapidly as a way of transport: This makes the most amount of sense. Many young individuals finding places to park are recognizing that skateboarding is an excellent strategy to browse through an urban center without worrying about gasoline costs and about emitting dangerous toxins into the surroundings. As more and more individuals are cycling to work, a lot of individuals are also skateboarding to their workplaces – or to wherever they have to really go.

2. Skateboarding as an action: Some folks run, some folks swim, some folks climb mountains and other individuals determine and choose to skateboard for diversion and pleasure. Skateboarding is an effective strategy to get in shape boost flexibility, posture and your total body balance. Also, skateboarding as an action is comparatively cheap to start when compared to other types of diversions, sports or avocations.

3. The skateboard as an art form: If you have seen a number of the tricks and moves that high level skateboarders can perform on their decks, then you’d undoubtedly concur that skateboarding is an art form. The sheer fluidity of the means by which the board goes to the gravity-defying heights that boarders reach to the flips and turns they can attain while in midair really makes skateboarding a kind of performance art that is physical. Well, a number of the layouts on the skateboards are not false visual sights to behold.

4. As a profession: Yes, there are professional skateboarders around who make their living participating in contests all around the globe. From tricks to hops to races, more and more athletically inclined individuals are looking to the skateboard as ways to earn money. An established part of the X Games, skateboarding has taken hold in all corners of the planet and individuals understand that skateboarding is, truly, enjoyable and a rewarding approach to make a living. Actually, one might claim that it is only an issue of time prior to skateboarding makes its way to the Olympic Games.

The following time that you just take a look at a skateboard, do not simply view it as a bit of wood with wheels affixed or attached to it. Contemplate chances and all its potential definitions, and the skateboard is being utilized by folks within their regular lives – both as a wellspring of enjoyment and pleasure, and as a wellspring of income. As it is development in the 1940’s, skateboarding has burst like few cultural actions either before it or since.

Duke McCallister has one doctrine when it comes to Plan B skateboards and that is to go skate or go home! A skateboarding enthusiast, Duke needs to discuss his experiences and fire for skateboards with skilled boarders and those new to skateboarding. Along with writing about skateboards, he also sees for many of his boarding demands.

Whether talking about skateboard decks, trucks, Birdhouse skateboards grip tape or anything else about skateboarding, Duke is more than happy to talk about it, write about it and discuss stories about it!

Studying About Skateboards Before Playing


Someone must understand about it before trying any game or work he or she cannot triumph in the unknown surroundings of the work or the game. This same state is appropriate when an individual needs to go for skateboarding. This game is among the very high-risk games of the present time. Some say this game of skateboarding was determined from surfing in the ocean. From this everyone can realize how insecure this game is. Thus, before trying it a man practice enough and must understand about it. Skateboarding needs abilities and tremendous physical fitness, a man without appropriate practice cannot succeed in this game. The very first thing which someone ought to know about is the skateboard. Skateboards are the primary components of skateboarding.

Skateboards can be found in the marketplace individually. The key elements of an skateboards are skateboard deck, skateboard truck, skate wheels, bearings, grip tape etc. All these components are available individually in the marketplace. All these components have significant function in building an entire skateboard. The very first component that you just ought to look for is the skateboard deck. Here is the uppermost portion of the board. The deck is generally made of compressed wood. The size of the deck changes based on the kind of game. Many famous skateboards decks businesses can be found in the marketplace. You can purchase almost any deck from them depending on the kind of skateboarding you’re going to try.

The next component is the truck of the board. The wheels are attached by this skateboard truck with the deck. The truck of the skateboard includes axles, hangers, foundation plates etc. These substances can be found in the marketplace in lots. The truck of the skateboard keeps the complete support of the skateboard, a truck that is poor can readily malfunction being not able to take the weight of the rider. Therefore, someone should select trucks made of such a solid metals or titanium. The individual elements of the skateboard truck are available individually in various colours and in the marketplace.

The most significant and last component of the skateboards is the wheel. The wheels made hard or soft determined by the kind of game and are primarily made of plastic urethane. For newcomers, bigger wheels are useful so that they can practice reconciliation on the skateboard and smaller wheels are created for the skateboarders that are trained so they can do certain tricks with the skateboard.

It’s possible for you to consult the web or any professional skateboarder about where to seek out high quality skateboards for sale. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of sports fabric shops and online stores where you are able to locate high quality skateboards for sale. In the event you are really new in this game of skateboarding, longboard skateboards can be used by you, as these kinds of boards can supply more balance and security. Skateboarding is of two principal sorts, one which is played in the roads and another that will be played in the specific earth called the vert. The parts of a skateboard change according to both of these kinds of the game.